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Since all my followers keep asking me for GOOD Asian BL dramas/movies over and over again. I decided to organize all my BL movies and post it here. I also provided you with link like this —> [x] so that you can watch it directly online.

———All of the movies are in English subtitle.———

Here we go! Enjoy:

Japanese Drama/Movies

  • Ai No Kotodama 1 [x]
  • Ai No Kotodama 2 [x]
  • Boys Love 1 [x]
  • Boys Love 2 [x]
  • Bokura No Ai No Kanade [x]
  • Boku No Kareshi Wo Shoukai Shimasu [x]
  • The Depth [x]
  • Takumi-Kun Series 1 [x]
  • Takumi-Kun Series 2 [x]
  • Takumi-Kun Series 3 [x]
  • Takumi-Kun Series 4 [x]
  • Takumi-Kun Series 5 [x]
  • Kindan No Ai (Forbidden Love) [x]
  • Taiikukan Baby [x]
  • Big Bang Love Juvenile [x]
  • Istuka Ni Kimi E [x]
  • Junjou (Pure Heart) [x]
  • Hush! [x]
  • Ren Ai Shindan Tsubasa no kakera [x]
  • Ren Ai Shindan Umei No KoKou [x]
  • Quite Ordinary [x]
  • Fujimi Orchestra [x]
  • *Coming Soon* Kimi No Ita Natsu 1
  • *Coming Soon* Kimi No Ita Natsu 2

Korean Drama/Movies

  • A Frozen Flower [x]
  • Antique Bakery [x]
  • Boy meets Boy [x]
  • Life is Beautiful (Drama) [x]
  • No regret [x]
  • Just Friends [x]
  • The Postcard [x]
  • The King and the Clown [x]
  • Hello My Love [x]
  • Love 100°C [x]
  • You Used To Smile That Way [x]
  • Two Weddings and a Funeral [x]
  • Rec [x]
  • *Update* A Crimson Mark [x]
  • *Update* Bungee Jumping of Their Own  [x]
  • *Update* White Night [x]
  • *Update* Rainbow Eyes [x]
  • *Coming Soon* Going South [x] Trailer 
  • *Coming Soon* Suddenly, Last Summer [x] Trailer
  • *Coming Soon* Night Flight (2014)
  • *Coming Soon* 20 (2014)

Chinese Drama/Movies

  • Amphetamine [x]
  • LanYu [x] Raw
  • Formula 17 [x]
  • Permanent Residence [x]
  • Eternal Summer [x]
  • Bishonen [x]
  • It Seems To Rain [x]
  • Go Go G-Boys [x]
  • Artemisia [x]
  • Speechless [x]
  • Somewhere I Have Never Traveled [x]
  • Pair of Love (Student Film) [x]
  • The Doggy (Student Film)  [x]
  • Lost (Student Film) [x]
  • *Update* Gloomy Salad Days ep 13-14 [x]
  • *Update* Do You, Andy…. [x]
  • *Update* Love.Zero AIDS [x]
  • *Update* Girlfriend Boyfriend [x]
  • *Update* Delay (Student Film) [x] Raw
  • *Update* Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (2014) [x] Raw
  • *Coming Soon* Fragile in Love
  • *Coming Soon* Lilting (2014)

Thai Drama/Movies

  • Tomorrow I Will Still Love You [x]
  • Love of Siam [x]
  • Right By Me [x]
  • Bangkok Love Story [x]
  • It Gets Better [x]
  • My Familiar People [x]
  • *Update* Wouldn’t or Couldn’t Love (based on true story) [x]
  • *Update* Love Never Change [x] Raw
  • *Coming Soon* Love, Happiness, Remembrance [x] Trailer
  • *Coming Soon* Bangkok Online
  • *Coming Soon* My Bromance (2014) [x] Trailer
  • *Coming Soon* Love’s Coming (2014)

ϟϟ I will be updating with more links and movies. ϟϟ

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